Monday, January 7, 2008

first song.

what are the things you don't want to think about?
well, think about them, yeah, think about them.
i know, oh, it's okay to be alone they say
let's keep saying it out loud. yeah?
the next day in your living room alone
and your hair looks stupid and your phone is dead
but who would you call anyway that you'd really like to talk to?

ur alone in your head your measley desperate head
while your happy hides somewhere in the past or future
you're dead, so don't even try to breathe that stuff
into your bones, you're gone.

i know he doesn't have the guts i wish he'd had
and it's so far beyond the point of unseen harm---
there's a pit, deep and dreary right before your beat up shoes,
but you have so many, so why not just change them?
oh fuck that, i'm getting thru this way, although stale,
it's part of it and as that dude in jurassic park said,
"life found a way..." and the pit will then fill
with sparkling dirt so you cannot see through it,
but you'll know it's there
and you know that part of you is still there and that
part will again one day drag you into it

you're dead! don't try to fight,
"it's good for you" the authors said, so trust the
no space, the no light, the no smile,
trust the man with a book in his hands,
for sure he'll tell you that words never stop
they go on.

so uh, the piano on it's okay..but it reminds me of something i've heard before.
i'd like to ask the others about it, add, subtract, work with it, with whatever they're feeling and got in their pockets/sleeves/all the places you hide good things, ya know?
child prodigy included, also some kind of deep deep sounding things. i'm nervous but this is good for us. i know it.


My Idea of Fun said...

First song?!? I don't know what this is, but if it's a first song, it's probably a new band, or a new album, and that's the best thing ever!

My Idea of Fun said...

I really hope this is what I think it is.

My Idea of Fun said...

this is pretty good stuff. i like how it starts more controlled than it ends, like you're just into it and throwing all meter and measure out the damn window. with that sense of urgency in mind, i say keep it the way it is. it's sweet.


My Idea of Fun said...

thanks guys.