Tuesday, January 8, 2008

3:24 AM - January 8th, 2008

typing what i hear. starts now. "kendra, wonderful pick." i can't see your response putting them back on like they're waiting for your "ae you kidding" occupied with what other person are occupied with and vice versa and you've become what you thought was dumb a fraction of the sum yeah you become yeah you have become a fraction of the sum the middle and "no wait." too far i was trying to help but i guess pushed too hard now we can't even touch it afraid it'll fall apart. "going over to your house." "no problem." "not meh com" "in your mind" "that's what you said." "what I thought you were once." "it is not."flickflick of a buckle "sorry, but, sorry but." "but you were yelling at me."dodododododododriffsriffsrifffsriffs thoughtsinmyown head. "i know, i know, i know." pshpsh bbobobobobooobooooobbooo ooooooooooo oooo oo ooooooooooooddjfjhfjfjfjf "not my mom not my dad whaever no one says dumb shit." "some time alone> "need my shit.""last good time togehter which it was. spent all of it together.""time alone."coming to hold you under yeah, emily. coming up only to tell me show you wrong are you scared now to know you is thought i was only sort of didn't want to be in the woods cloudy know you all wrong didn't feel right wanted to get back to you ooooooooooooo got to this rock and knew i was totally lost calling out calling me ooooo crying an di just sat and i couldn't tell if it was getting dark really late to call wait for hey it's my shit fall out to know me as hardly golden oh stat right now to know me all wrong my dad was a surveyor and every occasion i'll be waiting for the funeral courts yeah whatever and every occassion marks more called a funeral only me like this at home but more foloors ready for the funeral be alone pushing illegal every occasion i'll be ready for the funeral nice area and entire rug he was ilke son look around what do you see coming up only to show you down for always paid attention to stuff like that coming up to conly show you wrong electricity in the ground dead leaves they are alive pudding go dead trees hang their coming down down in so the first destroyed sit on the electric wires boy have you heard of such a thing 22 feet of the earth sitting on the line in the dark every occasion i'll be ready for the funeral blue spring was now fuck it eery occasion marks sorry more it's called a funeral too late don't be smart i know it's mine every occasion i'll be ready for the funearl get the fuck out every occasion it's ok a funeral what was that i'm sorry oh it's no oh yeah yeah good shit who are they charcaters ***nothing but guitars and music. i guess. wait. new idea. type whatever i hear. even if yo udon't understand. ok starting now* you striaght can we just go soon whered you sleep i don't know what's happening she's my best friend therefore chld make my bed dirty daughter is still standing in her train baby fat porcelein skin acne did not set in no no no no no i don't understand ok ok yes yes 911 812 fern street, our friend can't wake up. is she breating dirty daughter is she breathing pulse skin baby fat she's got is she cold is she ocold they say is sche cold dirty daughter her father's stepdaughter the third act is very do you like how it's developing oh yeah definitely the hwole thing with man being dad picking up the phone is it cold step daughter it's just like this but the third act is really strange extras third act sweet so yeah it's that how much longer oh a whole other act the third lock the whole play over document yeah cigarette yeah um before then runnign time ok sweet

by kendra sledzinski. the seventh day of the first month of 2008.

What is England anyway? We are all running away from our feet. Please don't question our buildings because our cars are slowly rolling away.

Star Struck. Star Side.

She became a pop.
With cream --


n idea is nothing useful... it's a waste of breath to verbally observe and
a waste of
brainpower to think it. We think think think think
and nothing happens
you can't think what you want and live in it, just do
what they want and build walls around your head, demonically posessed, and confused by drug addled mindwashing pre political puberiders drinking ale from the pond and stocking refrigerators with acid.

I saw the best minds of my generation fucked by lack of interest and laziness, joining the militia, joining the vfw, joining the family on the couch, for dinner, back on the couch, and off again,
complaining blamelessly (or aimingly) of the monarchs now in
is throwing your enemy in a cage, leaving the aroma to drift from one end of the maze to the other, and forcing your oponent to run the maze day in and day out, or hide in the walls, fearing your might and your flight in fear; from the eagle swalloing your children in a field adrift on the East Pacific, eating your own arm after the children are gone.

upcoming projects:
(so many) voices (reacting to a pre-paired compact disk)
(so many -) bodies? me, etc, etc, etc. 189 yawns?

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