Wednesday, December 12, 2007


THIS IS THE SOUND OF ME CHEWING MY TEETH -- A Sound Play Performed For A Fake Audience.

I'm starting to form ideas --

The "Audience" is in a space larger than the performance. This is a problem. All sounds need to be balanced in the same natural space & distance from the microphones. The piece is going to turn into a massive orgy. The piece will have four different voices.

If you would like to be a "voice" please let me know.


My Idea of Fun said...

can i be the voice of the pen to paper? let me know. it's me, pk.

My Idea of Fun said...


you can be the voice of the pen to paper. when i'm ready to record it i will let you know.

last night i was thinking of involving other people. this was my list:

brandon locher, dane adelman, dan oatman, eric schewer (who said he would be interested in sound poetry, plays, words), alessandra lynch (who eric said would be interested as well), ian rummel (who is brilliant), and pk harmon.

sometime soon i'm going to record my part. when my part is done someone else interested in the project can write more dialog.

they may add characters, kill characters, only write a "sound" script, etc. etc. etc. i feel the form is pretty free.

when the 2nd person writes his or her part it could be recorded. then another person could write something new & record it. we could move through this process until the piece was complete.

it doesn't seem demanding at all. there is no time line. no rush. no rules. etc. i was also thinking about presentation:

the title (whatever)
-- then a list of names of everyone involved.

-- then a list of names of everyone that was a voice.

i feel doing it this way would be a nice way to blur the lines of ownership. i wrote that. that was my idea. this is my idea. blah blah. i feel with so many different things being involved it would become a mess to give people proper credits. fuck it. art is better when it's not about ownership but instead the art it's self. i'd be willing to give up parts of myself for the piece.

i think all of that makes sense? let me know your thoughts pk. i would like to make a sound play for a fake audience. as you could hear my in demo how it "works."

i feel the first step is to record my part since i have it done. then we will hand it to someone else who will keep writting -- then we will record his or her part. i already said this. let me know.

My Idea of Fun said...

cool! just let me know when it's my turn. it all sounds pretty lovely jubly.