Thursday, December 6, 2007

the last day

in a circle read stuff written
something thought exemplified best efforet
for the semester an ds i fell to pieces
well no ididnt but we hads pizza in the last
one and i said you are my favorite of a hundres d years
and i menat it i said never
mind i said guess the challenge is to keep doinf it
to keep thinking then
i did something maybe sort of cheesey and finished with emerson

"all knowledge bgins with self knowledge "

actually did bnut think i recovered they all know themselves well and was genuinely impressed by the voices heard
plus someonew brought cookies academia is
an artificial environment but i wanted to say
that there was still much learning before
misspell well.

i like music like raw.
i like photos of a camera.
i like a white horse that threw me.

this morning at 5 i was the only one on the road.

later when the sun came out and everything stayed frozen
hbelieved i could take what has been handed.
another thing emerson said: "what happens that we dont like we call fate" or something .
maybe .

who cares?

suddenly i dont want to have a n opion.
at least for three weeks. except this:
1. winter should be more stylish.
and 2.

_________________________ .

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My Idea of Fun said...

i like music like raw.
i like a white horse that threw me.

i don't know what these mean, at all, but i like them.

in fact...