Thursday, December 6, 2007

In need of an editor --

Dear My Idea Of Fun,

I am currently looking for an editor. My knowledge of the English language is very small and holds me back from presenting written works. I am looking for someone would like to be my editor. When I write up proposals, conceptual ideas, and mission statements I would like the same person to help me with punctuation, spelling, etc. I would it would request a lot of work -- as much art as I am making -- do you follow? Plus, if someone would agree to being my editor I would return the favor in many ways. I believe in balance & respect. What the person gives me I will give in return. Again, everything needs to be fair. I just got a conceptual idea for a project and thinking about trying to edit the short paragraph hurts my thought process. It would take me hours -- since I'm a perfectionist -- to make sure it's presented properly. If someone could help me with my presentation of written documents -- fuck, that would be beautiful. If you are interested please edit this post and email me at: -- HA HA, orrrr just call me. 8142448055. okKKK?

My name is Brandon Locher. Give me a call.


Kendra said...

if it meant i got to spend more time with you, i'll do it.

actually, i'd do it anyway. so, i'm in if you want me.

Stephaney said...

B-man I can do it.