Saturday, December 15, 2007

life like a test.

Where do you want to be in June?
A. The woods where you grew up. Your city's getting a co-op, there's some artsy fartsy stuff going on. You could probably write for the paper you interned at. New Yawker's are moving in and raising the standard of living. Your friends aren't who they used to be and depress you. But your family is there and that's what's most important, right?

B. In Western Pennsylvania doing nothing while really doing something. Falling more in love with people and places and consuming a steady diet of pizza and beer. You might get a job working for a paper half the size of the one you could work at 300 miles away, but you know you wouldn't want to. You'd rather serve coffee drinks and fuck around and wait to be serious in a few years.

C. Somewhere totally new. Could be exciting. Could be scary. Could be wonderful. Could be awful. Could save this for a few years down the road when your saving's more than a penny.

D. Anywhere but A.

I'm trying to choose D but the guilt keeps me hovering over the answers with anxiety.


My Idea of Fun said...

You can be serious (also) in WPa. I'm here. I am. I eat pizza and drink beer.

My Idea of Fun said...

The answer is really easy and I think you already know it. You belong here with us.