Monday, December 17, 2007

and lost. messages.

"I suggested we'd get married. We'd be stationed together. Remember? Did you seriously consider that? Or was that just me?"
"... I'm logical, you know that. I've always been logical. We can't get married. Could you see me being married? I'd be just awful. You'd hate me and you'd hate yourself. And I do remember, even though I hesitated."


when you graduate law school and all that b-crap, if you are offered a job in new york with a guy that looks like al pacino, don't take it!

if you haven't seen this spectacular blockbuster, none of this will make sense. but just trust me! it won't end up well!

(in other words: what's up? also, what are you planning to do with the whole law thing? not selling your soul, i hope. :) )


I dunno, I wouldn't mind working for Al Pacino for a few years, just until my loans are paid off. The perks and clients seem pretty interesting too, and since I'm not his kid, he probably wouldn't try to get me to sleep with my sister (not that I have a sister) and I'd have a long and fruitful career.
I won't sell my soul but I may mortgage it out a bit. Firms are supposed to teach you to operate at a more professional level than the alternatives, plus they pay 2-4 times what anything else does, and it's all about the loans, seriously.

Not much else is up, busy as hell, and I'm starting this week as one of the editors for the school paper. It's interesting though. Ok I'm gonna get back to contracts. How goes the mind moulding which we refer to as "undergrad?" And is that makeup or did you really get your arm slashed up?



happy birthday

remember when i got you a cake to sit on and i was in love with you?

i hope you had a good one.

I'm still kinda in love you most of the time. Have you ever heard Sufjan Stevens? I think you would really like him. And yes, I remember that game. It was a great surprise.

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