Thursday, December 6, 2007

I despise hypocrites! and therefore despise myself! Too much like looking into a mirror.

I wish that I could plug a speaker into my head. Then Brandon could just record it, we could edit it together, I could do about two hundred takes...and then bam, what i hear in my head would be all done...

instead i just slack because it's too overwhelming to think about it.

how do you balance out a constant flood of ideas with the chore of execution and completion? perhaps better organization and time management. and no social life. i guess.

I hear Salvador Dali's paintings translated into sound. This is my favorite:


My Idea of Fun said...

Pick one Idea and execute it first. Then another, and so on. There's no need to give anything up, especially a social life.

Stephaney said...

That is a good thing. Picking one idea to execute first, I mean. I'm just muddled in four or five half-done projects at any given time.

Also, that painting translated into sound! Wonderful! My mom told me about something some autistic kids have called synesthesia, where their brains mess up what their senses perceive -- so they smell colors and letters have emotions and stuff.

My Idea of Fun said...

Synesthesia isn't exclusive to children with autism. It has to do with, like you said, the confusion or combination of sensation(s).

Several artists have it. I think Pharrell claims that he does, but we all know he is a douchebag pretend skateboarder.

Drop It Like It's Hot was a good song, though. Also, the majority of neptunes songs on Nigga Please.

My Idea of Fun said...

dear poster.
call me.

Stephaney said...

I didn't think it was exclusive to kids with autism, I just thought that in the vast majority of kids who were affected by synesthesia, it was somehow connected to autism.

But not so.