Monday, December 10, 2007


i'm not getting angry anymore.
although it's easier than sadness, it is nowhere near as pure
and i think that it's a fact that it has never gotten me back on track.
i said "every day i'm a little bit closer to losing my mind."
she asks, "is that what you want?" and i say, "more than anything sometimes."

well my cellphone has been ringing off the hook.
you know, that hook that keeps me mobile like the binding of a book
that tells the story of a man who's only as good as his long distance plan.
and everyone's connected to everyone except themselves.
but if it wasn't this, i'm sure that it would just be something else.

and every word is one less word i'll ever say.
and i don't think i believe in anything, but i could go either way
and wholeheartedly believe in everything i touch or hear or see.
it's the first few moments of the day that make up my mind.
but what i need to do, more than anything, is just pick a side.

and i have fallen out of touch with some of the best friends that i've ever had.
and even worse is the fact that it doesn't even hurt that bad.

so i don't think i want to be here after all,
using building blocks for nothing more than putting up a wall.
and if it gets too hard to feel, at least i'm going to know that it's for real.
and i would rather be naive than be a cynic almost anyday.
and i take comfort in the fact that i'm not cut out for this cutthroat place.

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