Thursday, December 13, 2007

Four dreams

1. I was the new girl working at an ice cream store in Ocean City, and the place was packed with customers. Someone ordered a Kahluah Cooler Special, and I asked the pretty blonde girl I was working with what that was and how I should make it. She gave me a key, and said "Remember Becky's secret coin stash?" [I DID remember -- in a previous dream, a girl named Becky who had Down syndrome kept a bunch of old collectible coins in a locked compartment inside one of the ice cream machines.] I pulled a drawer of old coins out and climbed under a bedsheet tent the blonde girl had built behind the counter. It took her HOURS to count twelve coins out of the drawer. I watched patiently, occaisonaly peekeing out from under the sheet to see if my customer is still waiting. A Kahluah Cooler Special is a cheeseburger, an oreo-Kahluah milkshake, and twelve old coins. I hand this over to the customer.
The blonde girl turned into Alli McNally and led me through the city, over hills, down highways, and finally into New York's Chinatown, where she bought a notebook in a little stationary store. Upon leaving the store, I was almost hit by a garbage truck. The driver apologizes.

2. I was on some kind of field trip with hundreds of people I didn't know to the biggest shopping mall in the world. But once I went inside, there was only me and one other boy. No salespeople, even.
We walked around the mall by myself for hours, admiring all the crazy shit on display that you could buy to give as Christmas presents: real horses eating hay and pawing the ground, sunglasses that simulated a rollercoaster ride when you put them on, whatever. Occaisionally the other boy and I would cross paths.
Aaand then, right in the middle of the mall, a giant monster that looked kind of like Slimer sprung up through the floor and announced that everyone in the entire world was dead except the boy and I. It was blind. My first instinct was to figure out a way to kill the monster, but the boy yelled "Are you crazy?" and we both bolted for the door.
On our way out, we both stole ipods.
We met back up with the people we had come to the mall with, and the busses we had come in on flew us home. The boy and I sat next to each other and listened to our new ipods.

3. I move into a one-room apartment by myself, and the place is a dump. Mold is growing on the walls and carpet. Old newspapers are scattered all over. I want pets; the only ones I can find are two sickly kittens and an even sicker puppy. Their eyes are all swollen shut, their fur is falling out, and the kittens are bloated with worms. Days pass. I find myself entirely indifferent toward the animals and unable to care for them. I put them outside.

This one is from a few months ago, but it's one of my favorites:

4. I live in a sprawling log cabin at the bottom of a hill. At the top of the hill is a road, and on the side of the hill is a giant horse and yak farm. The log cabin has a beautiful courtyard that you can only get to by going down a spiral staircase. I find myself on the phone with Mike Miller, wandering up and down the spiral staircase and through all the rooms in the house. "It's such a nice place, I wish we didn't have to move out," I say to Mike. "But the lease is up and we never know when the landlord might turn on the poison gas to flush us out." Now I am standing at my bedroom window, admiring the four-story-tall yaks and horses grazing about ten feet away from me. "Also I wish we didn't have to move out so you could come over and see these giant horses and yaks that I live by. They're so fucking big. It's awesome." Someone yells that the landlord has turned on the poison gas; I apologize to Mike, get off the phone, and gather the few belongings I have waiting by the door. Someone else says it was only a false alarm and the poison gas has not, in fact, been turned on. The last thing I am doing before I wake up is hanging out of my bedroom window taking pictures of the giant horses to show Mike Miller. Adrienne is sitting with me.

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