Monday, December 15, 2008

Who Do I Confide In Now?

- Now you know what secrets do to people.
- I'm not sure I saw anything. It was late. I was drunk.
- Why is it that people do these kinds of things to each other, especially the happily married ones. What is it, boredom?
- Didn't I tell you something like this was going to happen? I'm like goddamn Nostradamus.
- None of us really know what went on. It's not like there's any substantial proof out there, at least not like there has been before.
- I'm not saying I don't believe you. I'm just saying that your alibi isn't exactly reliable.
- She gets around so much it's not wonder he fell straight into the lion's den.
- A man can only return home to the same dinner scene so many times before it eventually starts to make his skin crawl.
- Is everything okay at home, dear?
- We can only tell our friends so much before their brains start to crack like eggs from the pressure.
- This is why people talk to God or go to confession, praying for some kind of minor solution or wave of spiritual forgiveness.
- Everything will be okay. You just need to breathe. Both of us just need to breathe.
- We're all watching over only each other sometimes.
- What? A fucked up world... We live in?
- I'll see you on Saturday, sweetie.
- I keep telling myself that it's better now, even though I'm fully aware it's denial.
- So I'm sorry about the whole dog thing.
- I'm sorry about the whole invitation thing.
- And now it feels like childhood again.

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