Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Do You Mean I'm Not Invited?

- His own brother, it doesn't seem right.
- Obviously you never heard about the German Shepherd incident.
- It was just another thing that was blown way out of proportion by our friends.
- I know I'm running late, but it's okay, because everyone else whose going to be there is probably on the same page.
- Aren't you feeling boxed-in in the least bit?
- This has happened to tons of people, half your second cousins for example.
- I wonder if they'll be able to digitally shrink my stomach in the photographs.
- I'm just gonna get shit-faced so this memory isn't completely intact.
- If only all of us had that childish convenience on our dinner plates.
- I think everyone's whispers are drowning out the organ music.
- I know I shouldn't be crying, but it's just the perspective of things.
- I'm just ready to get hammered.
- So am I actually related to that blonde or not, mom?
- I can honestly say your mother and I didn't expect this from you so soon, son.
- Despite everything in the past, I'm glad you made it.
- I thought he wasn't invited, something about a crippled dog.
- What a fucked up world we live in.
- So this just the next jumping off point, right?
- I'm not sure where any of us are landing tomorrow morning.

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