Thursday, December 25, 2008

Family Stream

Uncle Ross and Aunt Zoey (both deceased)'s apartment above the garage. There were always places for the hummingbirds at the farmhouse. The treehouse where Grandpa Thorton and Uncle Ross would cook greasy foods and look for white tail deer. The porch of the farmhouse, white banisters and dark wood siding and floral couches in the keeping room. The spring behind the house is what kept all 8 children alive, so says Great Grandmother Laura. The keeping room. Grandma's house, the stone wall, the living room with Grandpa's hospital bed (pancretic cancer). The railroad tracks in Big Run lead to the playground by the Big Run Elementary school that is haunted by Mrs. Sheashley who made a student sit on the heater, burned his bottom and he screamed and Dad still hears the screams to this day. Grandpa threatened her when his daughter Laura (Aunt Lolly) was in her class, and she never hurt any of his children. Aunt Lolly wrote letters about old women and dead cats when I was young. The graveyard on the mount, I was bored and sat in the Buick, thristy, wishing I could drink all the antifreeze Grandma kept in the back seat. The blue looked cool and refreshing.

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