Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do We Act Casual?

- They say it's common for things like this to happen.
- Almost ten years of forgetting and then it's like we're all in high school again.
- He said she bailed out first, using the dreaded work excuse.
- I'm the type of person to commonly call off the next hungover morning after a one-night stand.
- But they're both going to be in town for awhile
- Will we ever get out of here?
- This grapevine is starting to wither
- You just need to lose yourself in your art. It's really the only way to forget.
- He's right. Lock yourself in your bedroom for awhile, see what you come up with.
- We just need to get drunk tonight, just us girls.
- How do I explain where I am right now in my life to a perfect stranger?
- Well that's cool. I barely find the time to breathe anymore, I'm so busy at the office.
- Should I be going there tonight?
- Should I call her, considering how high and uncreative I feel?
- We are all watching over each other.
- What a fucked-up world we live in!
- I can't remember what doing the right thing feels like anymore.
- Ya know, he probably still thinks he's in love with you.
- I'm not sure I've ever really loved anybody.
- So I'm asking you to save my night tonight.
- And here I thought I was the only one who still believes in happy endings.

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