Friday, December 12, 2008

What Do You Mean It's Positive?

- There were times that led up to this, not many, but a few.
- What the hell are they going to do? They can barely take care of themselves.
- I saw this shit coming, but as of right now I think I've officially grown out of the trend where I say I told you so.
- It's a sign that this is happening right now, and that all of us have to eventually grow up, whether it's by chance or a mutual mistake.
- I can't even begin to think about how fucked-up that kid is going to be considering everything.
- We all can't talk and I don't know why everyone keeps talking like we don't have all our own goddamn problems to worry about.
- I have tons of offspring. You can hear, read and look at them all at
- I'm just not sure how to talk about anything with them anymore. I feel like all of my friends are crossing lines that I'm ions away from crossing.
- If it were you, how would you handle it?
- I wouldn't be so damn stupid about things. When I eventually get to that point, I'll know how to handle things.
- What a fucked up world we live in.
- So what's the next step right now?
- One knee and the rest is history.
- Now I feel like I'll be saying the words for the rest of my life.
- These fears are absolutely normal.

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