Thursday, December 4, 2008

not waiting.

A lonely chinese lantern popper plant in a broken jar sits at the end of your coffee table. You inhale the smoke from the cigarette between your fingers. And you dwell on one miniscule whisper of a thought that is barely inside your head:

Could there exist, in your lifetime, in the future, an honesty, a reality, that you could share with someone who is just as interested in this honesty and peace within and between your two minds?

The small thought stays small for the time. And for the next years. A god cannot see what's going to happen, just as you cannot. The thought will stay stuck and not grow, and not travel. It will linger. You will not see it coming, but you will know when it happens. It is real. There is someone just as strong as (just as weak as), (just as heavy hearted as), (just as sure as) you.

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