Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Did You Hear The News?

- He did it right after work.
- Somebody texted him everything that he needed to know.
- I didn't talk to him; I didn't have the time to.
- They all said he seemed fine.
- I thought enough time had passed that stupid shit like her and him shouldn't matter anymore.
- He never got over much of anything.
- The write-up was mediocre at best; I could've done it better.
- Details of the service are still too much to think about.
- I can't go. I'll barely know anybody there. I mean, for the most part anyway.
- It's too damn cold, and I'm too damn tired from work.
- Respects were paid in full by me and everyone else who matters.
- Why do you have to say it looked beautiful?
- Incidents like this aren't lovely.
- No note, just a quick one... two... at around five, they said.
- She didn't even bother to show up. What a whore...
- She's probably busy fucking him in widescreen again.
- Are you alright? I mean, do you blame yourself at all?
- He probably was gonna do it anyway. I mean, right?
- What a fucked up world we live in...
- I'm very sorry for your loss.
- What are you doing now? I mean, with your life?
- We're all getting a drink. You comin'?
- To our friend.
- No, I've never heard that expression before.
- One more for the road.
- Today, oh boy...

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