Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who Are All These New Faces?

- I think I recognize her from a night not so long ago, but I could be wrong.
- Never did I think this much joy would all of a sudden fall into my lap.
- I can't explain in words the numerous amount of unleveled emotions I'm feeling about everything right now.
- He's better at it than I expected, better than his father was.
- I feel like everyone's taking that next inevitable step, and I'm left behind for a number of unjust reasons.
- They call it picked-last-for-gym-class syndrome, all true artists suffer from it.
- This new crowd isn't what I expected.
- They're just like us, maybe a little more technologically diluted, but nevertheless young and full of the proper amount of angst.
- So which way is our bouncing baby boy going to shift eventually, do you think?
- I just hope he doesn't turn out like me.
- I'm a fuck-up.
- I'm fucked-up.
- I fucked-up.
- What a fucked-up world we live in
- So do you ever stop to think about what your parents were like before everything?
- I hope they were happy, and I hope they were okay when it didn't make any sense to them.
- It still doesn't make any sense, does it?
- Only on the weekends, I'd say

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