Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thank you. For the water, for the red raspberry tea recommendation, for telling me that having odd jobs your whole life is fine. At 53 years old, you're older than both of my parents. Your daughter is 23, so I did the math: you were about 30 when you had her. Is it strange that I figured that out? Strange that I cared? Whatever. Maybe it was strange that you told me she's a portrait artist in Chicago. Regardless, you sounded very proud of her, and it was nice to sense that. I know you said you think you're dumb, but getting D's in school doesn't make you that. Wearing bells on your shoes, completing hands-on projects, having guts, and taking time to help others makes you quite the opposite of dumb.
Good luck with your smoking habit. I'm granting myself the same with mine. You know, I just had a dream about quitting last night. Quitting a lot of things, I think. Man, maybe I'm getting strange again...
But hey, I'll try to quit the coffee thing, too. And I'll try to keep my brain healthy. Just so you know, I think most women can do just that by doing nearly anything. Men can, too. Antioxidants do help, though, you're right. And drugs--shit, I don't even want to go there. Nice to know you're not on them, though.
Anyway, you made my day. It's still early, so let's hope your spirit feeds me until at least after lunch. I forgot mine today. Thanks again. For everything, Susan.
I love you, too.

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