Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i spent some time on that ground
looking up
looking at you at you play the nintendo
it was one of those times
when i shot a string from my face
and hoped for a latch on to you up there
before long tug it back in into to my head
where'd we would sift through smoke
and stories of how we're afraid of all strange noises
so i stayed there and laid there looking up
being a child looking up to those who feed him

i was hoping they'd all leave they who were loud
but they didn't
did you want them to leave?
i saw a face in the window and told you about it
it was warm inside
i wanted to touch your hair put it btwn your lips
it was cold outside
on the lonely drive home handling the curves of earth
i wanted to
look up at you


My Idea of Fun said...

these are too perfect. too fucking perfect.

My Idea of Fun said...

great great great