Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where Are We Headed?

- I could care less about anybody or anything, every one person is insignificant.
- All that means is that certain kinds of numbness are fully contagious.
- About a week now, but can foresee myself getting better by the time I'm twenty-four.
- Everyone keeps on asking me if I'm okay, as if it's the one one question they need to hear my answer to.
- I;m not sure if she misses him or not. I mean, do we ever really miss the people who fuck us over?
- Call the babysitter, put on something flashing and let's get over our mutual depression.
- I'm not sure what time it starts. I guess when everyone's drug dealers pull through.
- I haven't felt this irresponsible since college.
- You need to call and talk to somebody.
- You just need to get fucked-up and forget about all those minor piles of shit tonight.
- We need to start living right now.
- No one is missing out on anything substantial.
- I'm in no condition to meet new faces.
- I'm so close to being done with this new project.
- They both showed up? Wow, that's a bit unsettling.
- How could something like this happen? Why didn't any of us coordinate better?
- What a fucked up world we live in.
- So how's our son?
- Safe, how are you?
- We're finally okay with each other, I think.
- And all of this doesn't have to mean the world.

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