Monday, February 25, 2008


It is obvious that anything standing on stilts of novelty will soon start to lean, creak, and then collapse. MIoF seems to have slowed to an amble. But I think--well, I hope--that everyone is just focusing on projects that require more time, more investigation and inspection. Not ambling. Sauntering, fucking strutting. Moving--maybe slowly--with a purpose. What we all do is not a joke.

Instant gratification is awesome. Instant gratification is also very limited by its nature. Think about when you learn a new song, or learn an old song, or when you keep rerereading a poem, or story, or novel, or you write a 30 page paper on a single image. You can crawl inside the mechanism. See how it works. See how it doesn't work, and take it apart. Fix it or ruin it.

Sometimes it feels like you have ruined this little thing that you loved, that you had a special moment with when you first encountered it. Really, you have familiarized yourself with it. Unmasked it. From that demystification comes a slower, more long term love. Constant gratification. It's like drunken makeouts versus goin' steady. There are amazing parts to both.

Heck, I love instant gratification. But it's starting to impede me. I smoked dope last night, went to get coffee, and came back with a dozen donuts for the house. What the fuck, right? I mean, it wasn't even that out of the ordinary. Don't let the treats* become habit-forming.

Sorry if this is a totally inane, banal rant. I just needed to kick myself in the ass.

*I still plan on eating a lot of food, often.