Saturday, February 9, 2008

Time does not belong to you.

Saturday morning. I can hear a cat crying somewhere, but I can’t find it. A homeless man passed out where I work yesterday. I accidentally woke him while sweeping. He looked frightened, waiting to be ejected. I pretended not to understand. “I’m not trying to chase you out, just cleaning up a little.” He went back to sleep. I didn’t notice when he left.

It’s winter and there isn’t much to be done about the problems of others. The world seems bigger and more anonymous as people duck from building to building to avoid the cold. The people who cultivate meanness stand out sharply in the rush. To these people, cruelty is a virtue. They twist themselves into tight balls of metal wire and call it being tough. They poke holes in inconvenient people and call it pragmatism.

Convenience is neither a virtue nor a right.
Convenience is just another word for uniformity.

And nothing is closer to death.


My Idea of Fun said...

you can say that again.

My Idea of Fun said...

This post makes me think of pink, hard tomatoes that are all the same size. Fuck em. Fuck how things work.

And I'm guilty of culivating meanness... or at least a little bit. Maybe. The winter is harsh and I tend to be as well during the cold. Not really an excuse, but I recognize it.

First step, right?