Monday, February 25, 2008

riddle me this, batman

there are not enough hours in a day!
(and other cliches)

i have this list of "things to do"--
at any given moment there are like
eleven people in johnstown alone

writing "bread" on a grocery list.
the bills start to roll in around now.

winter is getting stale! i'm all cooped
up here! i wanna say "get your guitar
and get over here" or "dude, grab your

trupet" or "i'll be over in 5 with
the bangolele, baby" but there's list,
and it's cold, and there is stuff

all over the floor. this isn't an excuse.
this is a reflection not even a complaint

and what i want to say is i'm building a fire
and i'm gonna light it up when march says

Spring! and i want you all there with strings
and bells and whistles already all ready.
sleep my peeps sleep and tackle me in that sleep.