Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Dear... (everyone,)
love can twist & turn, fumble, falter, surpass amazement, build bridges, stand the test of time, and completely blind the eyes & heart combined. so much of the experience is held in what is never said, but only felt. although, there are those moments in time where we find ourselves head in hand, pen to paper...trying to place words to describe exactly what love is like.

this is merely an attempt at gathering a collection of love letters...thoughts, drawings, or a glimpse at a moment never shared but felt from afar. there are no boundaries...these are letters you may have received, sent, or never managed to get out at all. they may be addressed to whom you love (/lost) or not placed name to page at all.

please mail these thoughts in any way your heart pulls you.

If by mail...

Honest Engine
153 26th St. 6B
NY, NY 10011


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