Thursday, February 7, 2008

Despising a Person and Recognizing his/her Merit as an Artist, at the same time

So I've noticed that I feel this tightening in my chest when I see a person who has wronged me, who disgusts me to no end.

Sometimes the feeling fades, but I was wondering if any of you had a hard time looking at or listening to the art of a person you feel this way about without judging it based on personal feelings.

Do you think the people Picasso was a motherfucker to could look at his paintings and recognize their greatness, or do you think that they had no way of separating their personal problems with him from his art?

It really bothers me when I can't be objective about the work of someone because they fucking disgust me on a personal level.


Stephaney said...

I can recognize someone's merit as an artist, and I can definitely appreciate their work even if I hate their guts. That doesn't mean that seeing their work doesn't also fill me with disgust and contempt.

My Idea of Fun said...

Despise? Disgust? It's that bad?

My Idea of Fun said...

i'd like to say i can do it but for the most part, i don't even bother looking.

Ian said...

Hmm, this is such a good question. I know that no one can totally separate the art from the artist. We are in an age that ranks celebrity and personality over talent and artistic integrity. Or maybe confuses those attributes. If I met Bruce Willis, I know I would be expecting John McClane.

Inversely, is there "bad" art that one tolerates because the artist is a friend?

My favorite thing about the blog is anonymity in initial posts. There's no one on here that disgusts me, but I love when I find out the author of a piece and it surprises me.

My Idea of Fun said...

How 'bout answering the question stead of asking more, Ian?
Anonymously yours,

frank said...

first off:
picasso was brilliant:
current artists aren't so much:

nowadays, it seems that typically the artist is the only unique part of the creative process: everyone does some kind of work that someone else is better at, and whole lot more people are worse:

why would you bother with some mediocre art created by someone you hate when you will probably see the same type of work of the same caliber created by someone nicer by the time the week is over?

in a nutshell:
being an asshole counts when art is dead;

My Idea of Fun said...

Matt again. I guess I should answer too...

I know I'm actually mad at someone if we're having a fight and then when I hear/see their new stuff, I don't care about it. If I'm fighting with someone and hear/see their new stuff and like it, then I'm not actually mad, just hurt, haha. It gauges whether or not I'm right or wrong in the argument, somehow...