Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Because I'm not a writer and I'm not a photographer. I can't draw and I can't paint and I can't write a song for the life of me.

1 You felt really bad for me. I could tell. It wasn't fake. You've been there too. You recognized it. I noticed.

2 She's a goddamn mess. I sometimes admire that.

3 They might as well of said the same things to me. Should have just punched me in the face, asked me to leave. Treated me like shit. I am exactly the same.

4 I could have easily hated her, but I chose not to.

5 "Staraflur" followed by "You Sexy Thing (I Believe in Miracles)" as the ending? Sometimes I'm so fucking brilliant.

6 I had to leave tonight. I had to drive somewhere, anywhere, and by myself. I feel in control when I'm driving. I know I'm safe and I know where I'm going.

7 The orange lights from the juvenile correction center reflect off the clouds at night, making the sky look like some sort of sickly sunset. It's pretty dramatic looking. They are building a new county jail right next to it.

8 You can see right into my family's house from the road. My mom has those lights that are supposed to help with seasonal depression. All they really do is give the house a weird green glow from the windows. Looks like something from the X files.

9 I guess I'm delusional. I guess I shouldn't have so much faith in some things. I supose my certainty is fallible.

10 It's alright. You don't need me. You can take it from here.

11 I wonder when I lost my intensity. Every now and again someone will point it out to me and it is both heartbreaking and promising. If it can still be recognized, there must be some left.

12 February is the pits!


My Idea of Fun said...

just because one, or two (yourself and him) people are not being affected by yourself like you wish you affect yourself (and him) doesn't mean that it's not still there. it's always still there. other things take up the original space. let's get out of town. you also must keep watch on who you push out in these february times.

My Idea of Fun said...

I can relate to feeling like i've lost my intensity. The thing is that there's plenty of time for a change. Turn the beat around!