Saturday, February 23, 2008


castaneyeball: now you're just confusing me.
brandonlocher: -- that is sucking on a cold strawberry.
brandonlocher: I'm sorry. I am just thinking.
brandonlocher: Please, go inside.
castaneyeball: i feel like i should be stoned to follow what exactly you're trying to say
brandonlocher: Well, think of a lot of information / the Mass of Correspondence. You now can take the information and place it into 1,000,000 different directions. So, you take a little bit of information -- the information you told me and now I, you, and everyone else can take it in 1,000,000 different possible directions. Then when it's "understood" you can (if you have the creativity + logic needed to construct) execute that idea by the use of 1,000 different mediums. Then all the information that is placed in 1,000,000 different directions, sucked into black hole after black hole is then placed inside the maze to the mother lode and you start sucking the fucking straw when you feel the blowing of hot cum across your face? Like that! -- Do you follow?
castaneyeball: i'm too tired
castaneyeball: bye

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