Thursday, May 5, 2011

5 of 21: Rubber Necking Presents Two New Releases on My Idea of Fun

Functioning outside of the RUBBER NECKING universe--yet closely associated-- we have two new projects. One, a book by RN'r Jacob. Two, a cassette tape with RN'r Ian. Let's a have a look.

In Something in the Way, but Barely There (MIF180), Jacob Koestler cultivates natural images within a throng of newly unearthed specters. Through his skewed perception, distinct facets appear and fleet like rusty bits of iron one notices while plodding a gravel path.

Spanish Leather's Dilated Jewel (MIF181) is an observation of rural pageantry, social implications of the Eucharist, and a microscopic assemblage latently constructed by falling slabs.

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