Thursday, May 19, 2011

18 of 21: Jacob's New Website

A while ago, I threw some edits up online really just to get them out of my system and into the public's, but for the most part I've felt pretty private about my photography over the last two years. A little weary of the photographic interweb, I opted to travel, return to school and print my images for physical edits. After getting some hard copies together and feeling complete with my projects, I've finally put them up on the web.

Go to to check it out. I'd love any feedback.

On the topic of the internet, I also wanted to list some blogs that I frequent. All of these folks are, in some way, involved with My Idea of Fun.

Roberto Clemente Rookie Card is a music blog that Scotty keeps up in conjunction with his radio show. He posts a lot, always hypes MIoF and let's me know about all the hip, weirdo shit that I wouldn't listen to otherwise.

Olivia beefed it to NYC a few years ago, but still makes it easy to see what she's up to and looking at with her blog.

A few years back, we all started heading out to play shows and party in Indiana, PA with some of the coolest chicks we'd ever met. They, along with a couple from Johnstown, started an incredible, but short-lived, band called cones. Recently they've moved all over to different parts of the state and country. They keep in touch at Doca Cola.

A few of them also keep personal blogs that always cheer me up:

Emmy took a trip this summer and moved to Johnstown afterward. She writes about and shoots it at Walking.

Laura moved to a farm in Dayton and keeps in touch with her friend, Ashley at the aptly-titled Laura Ashley

Laci, as always, finds the happy medium between romance novels and fine art at Keeper Shelf.

And Kelly bridges the gap between Pittsburgh and Johnstown with Teach the Free Man how to Praise.

She, along with a lot of help from everyone else, also keeps The Color Project tickin'.

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