Monday, May 16, 2011

15 of 21: Mean Streak - I'm In a Bad Situation

Human beings that were born around the time MS formed as a band are now on the verge of their own angsty teenage years. The members of the band grew up together, and the shape of their music ran parallel with the eternal pull of time on their lives. After a scrapped full-length concept LP that had the band spinning their wheels for years, MS have resurfaced with the first vinyl 7inch record to be released on MIoF. Much is different about the band now than in the first decade of the 21st century, but this release, "I'm in a Bad Situation", finds much is the same.
The music is chaotic but catchy, and the lyrics are honest in their brutality of the contraining social conventions humanity has placed upon itself.
The future is uncertain (for the band and for the world:MAY 21), and the songs on the record are quite aware of that. With band members spreading across the country, debt and panic crushing down- some things are moved to change in this life.
"I'm in a Bad Situation" is nothing if it isn't a statement.

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