Saturday, May 21, 2011

20 of 21: St. Paul

After Endless Mike & The Beagle Club released and heavily toured The Husky Tenor, Brandon recorded Mike performing the album in it's entirety by himself. The 2007 recording was released as MIoF#11: Endless Mike Vs. The Beagle Club.

Recorded two days before We Are Still At War, Endless Mike Vs. The Beagle Club Re-Match followed the album release 17 numbers later at MIoF#77.

Update: Round Three! Endless Mike Vs. The Beagle Club - St. Paul is recorded & performed by Mike Miller, outlining a new Beagle Club record.

Download and enjoy quickly before it all ends:


Nick Jarman said...
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Nick Jarman said...

A few days ago I listened to the Beagle Club for the first time in months and then I thought I should mention them on my blog. Somehow I ended up on this post which was only made 3 days ago and the St. Paul recordings sound so amazing. Will Mike ever write something that sucks?! p.s. that isn't the orange beanie I knitted him!!

Michael said...

man, track 04 is great.