Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2 of 21: NNN's Pabst Smear

In 2007, Brandon went across the state to record one of the coolest, nicest bands we'd met. The band is called Naughty Naughty Nurses and the album is called Pabst Smear. We were really excited about the tracks when B-Man returned, so we immediately gave it a release number and put it on the site with a "coming soon" next to it. Soon after, the band parted ways for a bit, and more releases piled on top, leaving the link dead for three and a half years. In an effort to clean things up before Judgement Day, we've finally put the record up as an online release. It's totally worth the wait. We hope you like it!

MIF031: Naughty Naughty Nurses - Pabst Smear

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