Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10 of 21: Fern's Logic Toggle (re-do)

this original post, along with all others in a 48-hour period of time, vanished into thin air - a sure sign of the approaching end times.

Above is a music video by Jacob Koestler for Fern's Logic Toggle, from the forth-coming release on My Idea of Fun.

Fern is (was) Jacob, Laura and Matt. They came together in an effort to write slow, distorted music. In 2009, they began recording a four-song EP in Johnstown's 709 Railroad Street. Laura moved to Tennessee the next day, and the half-finished cassette remained at Matt's place for over a year.

Just a few weeks ago, Jacob took the four-track to Pittsburgh and finished the tracking and mixing. The EP, along with many others, will be available May 21 on My Idea of Fun.

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