Wednesday, May 18, 2011

17 of 21: Endless Mike's Idea of Fun

There are secret sites on My Idea of Fun, you know.

Beagle Club's secret site was used as a way for Mike Miller, Matt Miller, Matt Davis, Cody Walat, Jacob Koestler, Brandon Locher, John Thorell, Ben Houck, Mikey D'Angelo, Josh Russo, Dan Oatman, Matt Shawley, Jake Palitero, Justin Cimba, Katy Davis, Dallas Zimmerman, Diego Byrnes, Laura Miller, and Brandon Volkman to hear the first rehearsal sessions for Endless Mike and the Beagle Club's We Are Still At War. It was recorded by Brandon's headphone mics, which sat on a bass amp. That's why the bass is too loud.

C'mere and I'll tell you another secret. Go to Siamese Dream's page. Run your cursor along the album covers and see if you can find a secret link to an uncut recording session.

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