Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Song lyrics by Sean T. Jackson- to be used for Laika the Astro-Hound

I was thinking of the places that i've been-
not the ones with buildings, but where the buildings begin.
In the woods that surround our states,
and heaven is home if the gates 'round your house
are open.

There's a creek not far from our house,
up a hill, break a sweat, take a breath,
take a right, then take a left;
it's like nothing's changed for 10,000 years.
That's why I'm still at peace here.

There's this tree that explains re-incarnation.
It died, now it serves as a bridge for the crossing,
and the branches that face up, they've become trees themselves,
because dirt leads to life breaks to earth.

"How'd we get here?" I hear in my sleep everynight.
Inconsequential; the answer's never been in site,
but there's a son, a sun of god
who shines down upon us,
and gives us cancer.
That's my answer, what's the answer?

This friend believed strongly in the Christian religion,
"Who's the father?" she asked me, if the son's just a picture?
I said that the answer wouldn't please her.
Because his subjects all called him Caesar.

Change for Less Than A Dollar

Things seem so important til you believe they're not,
then you move, and you see that things change constantly,
and you stay in on place, you never will catch up,
some things change, some thigns stay, either way; don't judge, just live,
and love indiscriminantly, for fauls as well as glee.

You may never know just where it ends,
or how bad it gets for someone else,
until you've slept a lifetime in their shoes,
and you've sang every line of their sappy,
crappy, unhappy blues.

Then I hope that you've say "It's not so bad being me"

All I've learned comes from words
others spoke that seemed absurd,
words to judge, words to pry,
each word blatantly a lie.
They'd very much like to say,
"move on, it'll be okay"

Happiness is the shared laugh after a first kiss,
in the dark, or the glow that good talks
give to a room.

When we hear eachother, it's like life is worth living.

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