Sunday, April 27, 2008


I am currently using my dad's computer. It's an old computer, I'd say about 5 years old. I use it from time to time, but not so much anymore since I have my own apartment. However, I used to use it constantly when I was a college dropout and lived at home, and for about 2 months after I came home from Georgia and didn't leave the house because I was A.) friendless B.) miserable and C.) usually drunk. I was snooping around and found little ideas I wrote down during these times. And by little I mean really small and incomplete and most of them don't make much sense. I don't remember writing any of these and I don't think they are really any good, but at the time they were important enough for me to save in Notepad and you know, sharing is caring.

I haven't had a meal that's moved me in the longest time. Always disappointed. Never any depth to the flavors. No texture. No seasoning. No heart, no guts. With everyone so obsessed with cooking these days, why doesn't anything taste good?


but i love you, you know. this is good
yeah yeah, ditto. it is. this is great.
but i'm scared to lose this. i mean, you can say you won't get sick of me and i won't get sick of you all you want but... it happens. i don't mean get sick of but you know what i mean. things get... too comfortable and you lose the excitement. you know?
yeah, you lose the freshness of it all. i get that. definitely.
and... you, you've been in serious relationships for like, 8 years. i don't want to do that to you. you're young! we're young! and fuck if every one of our friends' relationships aren't completely fucked. we're still honest with one another. the lying hasn't begun yet, or it never did. and we didn't have that "getting to know you" period where you just put your best foot forward. we knew the good and bad getting into this.
yeah. yeah, you're right. i mean, this isn't a burden. you aren't a burden or anything. this is just really new.

Laura and Rick had been dating for 2 weeks.
"You see that man over there," she said with a confident grin. "That's the one."
He was wearing a red flannel and was looking at the jukebox. Laura was pouring two glasses of beer. "Mark my word, boys." She looked back at him and then back at us. She had a huge grin on her face. She gave us a quick wink and left. She brought him his beer and they danced to "The Gambler."


complimentary, supplementary. more of a craft, more of a science than any sort of art but it reminds how i'd imagine a musician feels about a certain song. every element. most are deliberate, but sometimes the unplanned is better than you'd ever expect.

Parks filled with reindeer and the Bernstein bears. The dollhouse grandpa Jerko made for me when I was 6. Tiny brown plastic glasses. Niagra falls and forts to take naps in.

and this one must have been written within the past year.

It's so nice that my best friend gets stoned and writes us haikus.