Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some works in-progress

All the paintings are pretty close to being finished - just need the details sharpened and cleaned up. The landscape is definately out of my comfort zone (happy little trees and all...) and I'd like to do more of the "circles of confusion" the out of focus lights.
Thoughts and opinions are welcome...


My Idea of Fun said...

the out of focus light painting kills me. when i first saw it in your uh... office (?) i couldn't handle it. good stuff, keep it up.

also, that blanket!

and... that mist! shit!

My Idea of Fun said...

I call it a studio, which is just a room separate from my living space specifically to paint in, but it's so sweet and good for my mental (artistic) health. Really makes a difference, to me anyway.

Anyone who's interested is welcome to come down, hang out, and talk about art any time.

Thanks so much. - Laci