Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Laika the Astro-Hound Lyrics

The Transitions Never Stop

The time I spent wasting away in college,
I gained a few answers,
but earned no knowledge.
I just caught up with some friends,
blew off a few classes,
then moved home and re-evaluated my assets;

they're not worth much,
just some sentimentality,
what a stupid mentality,
to call paper "stability"

I moved home to Johnstown to find what's important,
spent my days since in the woods remembering that glint
in my eye;
and this city is sad,
but the energy that my friends exert make it worth every effort.

Now I'm working with kids far worse off than me,
and in truth, that's what stays my mentality,
because no matter how bored,
or how lonely I get,
I know there are people
who need much more help
than I ever did.

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