Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Please do me a favor.

The last post asked that we expect more from ourselves. Well, can you do me a favor because I want to get to a point where I expect more from all of us (including myself) because I see stuff in motion, look at art with promise, listen to a song that will some day be on a great record--- Because right now, I expect more from all of us because I don't see anything at all.

If you read this blog today, can you please post your work(s) in progress - all of you? I will too. I've been sticking around Johnstown lately. I don't see many of you guys unless it's at a party where we don't talk about art or music. This is where we can talk about, look at, and listen to art. Let's get back to it. Today is as good as any, better probably.

So yeah, if you see this post today - post whatever you have later today. And if you don't have anything right now - Use this post as an ass kick and make something small right now so that you might start some sort of creative flow for yourself. I will post some new stuffs when I get home from work today - I promise.

I love so many of you so much. I know your brains try to eat you alive when you're not creating because mine does too. And if we're not using that outlet, then we'll just drink, etc. to feel different. I want to be excited about all of us again because I'll bet that whatever you're doing right now is the best thing that you've ever done. I want us to be each-other's muses again because I think we're all ready to find something beautiful in each other again.

Post whatever you have and don't apologize for it. If it's not enough for you, then you should make another post tomorrow. Winter's over; I'm excited to see everyone in new light.

Thanks for everything, really.
- Jacob

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