Monday, April 7, 2008

The Annexation of the Living Room (Teaser)

I had to live my life alone for the most part, making sure my thoughts didn’t completely cross over to the other side, turning inward and becoming homicidal or incredibly vain for the sake of trendy discourse. Instead, it was always about the balance between the two, walking the thin line between failure, rejection, and finally being worse off than all the rest. Everything was spinning into the next chipped and painted brick wall, and even the inclination of an empty house for the weekend, a living room full of attractive faces pretending to be like those seen on the television set, didn’t mean that some truly life-defining incident was going to happen. Instead, I just had to be fully aware that after the dust storm blew through and was over, I would still have to occupy the various familar rooms now covered in a newly thin layer of dirt.

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