Friday, April 25, 2008

sometimes i feel like i'm not aloud to do things. like, i didn't go to school for photography or something like that so i feel like i'm not aloud to try. i don't know why i feel like that, but also i'm afraid that if I try to do "art" i wont have a good enough reason or purpose behind some of the things that i want to do and you'll just laugh, but i'm not stupid. a lot of you haven't gone to school for anything just like me, and who cares if you guys think it's stupid if i want to do it? right? yea. maybe it was getting another tattoo i guess that makes me feel like i'm missing things. this is my life. if i want to do something i should do it. i should do it.
So, here’s something that I do every now and then. Maybe I'm too lazy to get a "project" I only capitalize words when I feel like it, BUT here is something that I do sometimes.

Theres 6 trees behind my house over the fence on the golf course. I took a picture just about every minute of the sun rising and want to put them all together on a slide show to see the sun rise.. just to use as an avatar or something, but i couldn't find a program on my computer to do it without a fade effect on every picture or it being too slow. i wanted it to be stop motion-ish. so I have those.

now i take a picture of them maybe 2 times a week or maybe just once every 2 weeks. i have to add another picture to the left every now and then because the sun moves a little farther over every morning. i wanted to do it from the same spot until the sun starts rising too far to the left where i can't see it anymore. i guess i just like the idea of having to wait for something. doing something that i don't have control over when it ends. maybe the sun wont even go too far to the left where i can't take the picture. maybe it'll start coming back to the right. i have no idea. I wake up the same time every day too so the sun is a little higher now then it used to be. i imagined it as a book all put together. the first page could be the 40 or so pictures of the sun rising cause thats what started it i guess, but then the next page would just be one picture and then the rest of the book would be adding another picture ever page or something like that. i know the waiting thing isn't a new idea, the sun rise isn't new, I'm never going to make a book, hah, but i like it. That's what matters I suppose.