Sunday, April 20, 2008

Slides and Drawings

Cara, Heidi, and I found these great family vacation slides at the Riverside Community yard sale a few years ago. The person who sold them didn't know the family in the pictures either. I like not knowing. Some slides are marked September 1969, but I'm not where they are on vacation at.
The three girls at the cemetary is from the slide I found at Emmy's - the painting is still pretty rough, I got pissed and blurred out the eyes of the girl on the right, so they look crazy and scary.


Kendra said...

these are great, laci.

My Idea of Fun said...

this is great. right up my alley.

thanks laci, for being an inspiration.

My Idea of Fun said...


That first slide is great. I love how rigid those girls are. Those gravestones and their straight backs give the whole thing such creepy angles. It's going to be a fantastic painting.

Also, the second drawing rules. Probably my favorite. I've always been hoping one of us would find a way to use those slides because I love them.

Awesome to see new stuff from you. Hope to see it in person soon.


justin visnesky said...

these are fantastic! i second the second. the third is pretty ruling too.