Friday, October 19, 2007

walking music.

right now it's 5:51 am.

a little over an hour ago i wrote & recorded an album called walking music. when i'm done listening to this live wilco album i'm going to transfer the recording to music -- break it into tracks and upload it on this website. i might fall asleep before that happens but it will be online soon. it needs a home.

i'm going to release this album. it makes my calves hurt. my arm feels like it's bleeding and i can now feel all of the hairs on my legs and inside my noise.

i think i have two track titles:
01. now stand in the middle of the road --
02. -- look ahead.

the album will be 2 or 3 tracks. it's around 7 minutes long.

when you listen to the recording please listen with headphones while you are walking around at night / day. it's walking music. i mean, right?

i'm excited to share this recording with friends on the endless mike & the beagle club tour. i think after i talk + share with a few friends it will become very obvious how to present this piece. for a minute i was thinking about re-doing it. maybe i could make it better? no. why would i do such a thing. what i recorded just happened. it's so fucking pure & if i ever tried to re-act this recording it could never be done with this amount of discipline & love.

i think i'm dyslexic?

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