Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Paul Danbury, age 14:

But I guess that’s what dreams essentially are, though; just some heightened sense of perception. You just really feel dreams. It’s pretty intense, and sometimes I think that I am actually experiencing my dreams like I would experience any other waking moment, but after I think about it for a spit, I always reduce that notion back to just thinking that I had an extra sense of sense. When everything else was shut down in my body, I could actually take some time to entertain those cavernous thoughts that I had every single second of every single day. I know that I’ve heard that dreams are pretty much just actualized thoughts, but I’m talking about the ones about feeling up girls and unhooking their bras, and driving a fast blue car down a sleek highway in some loud lush rainstorm; the ones that I wanted; the aspiration kind of dreams. I knew those kinds of dreams were there, usually, but when I had to look at other things and taste all the air all the time and smell the pungent fragrance of a rainy morning, I just couldn’t give them the attention they deserved. That feels strange for me to say, because while I’m walking around all the time, I’m thinking all about dreaming, and all about my dreams, but the second I would utter a word to anyone about any aspect of them, they would shatter into a thousand brittle shards. So, I just didn’t talk about them, ever. I didn't talk about anything. I don’t know why people always say to follow your dreams, though. They should tell you to be more selective about just which dreams you should be following. I’ve learned that I have a lot of dreams that come straight from the hottest pits of hell itself.

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