Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This will be an online journal for the artist collective known as "My Idea of Fun." The official site is linked on the right of the screen.

We will use this site to post updates, links, music, photographs, sound art, paintings, movies, poetry, short stories, lyrics, and anything else that we are doing at the moment.

Please check back often. We'll try our best to keep up with ourselves.

Thanks for your time.
- MIoF


anonymous said...

Staring a lined-in band. All instruments must have an external out that plugs into a mixing board. Exceptions will be made on circuit-bent instruments, so long a transducer mic will enable them to be mixed into stereo with all other instruments. Some instruments may have an external speaker, but volume should be kept to a minimum on the instrument itself, then cranked through the mixer. Our mixer will then, God wiling, go into stereo speakers or some other form of commercial grade amplication. Our band will play after show parties and other events. We will substitute for prerecorded I-pod shuffle mixes and digital cable music channels. We will take requests and do our bests.

anonymous said...

All artists should believe they are changing the world. Otherwise, they are wasting their time. Why does anyone create for any other reason? Don't answer that. Just change the world. I believe in you. Otherwise i have wasted your time.