Monday, March 23, 2009

Damn bugs and their biting. Walking on the same line I'm towing and dusting my tracks as I make them. I swear, cause when I stood and spun in circles, you were right behind me with a hand and an arm.
And I laughed, while you watched me fall. And you laughed, and you spoke of what you saw. I laughed harder for the reality of it, and thank God for the reality of it, where is what is something I don't even know. Know in the sense of felt or heard or saw.
I bet you do. (Believe in God) Or shall you suprise us? When I saw your face, I saw you on a beach, I swear, where you had short hair and tan skin (maybe reddish) and your head was facing down, but you were looking up with eyes that push myself into myself, into my spine, so it's just bones and tiny senseless explosions within them.

I saw you on a beach, in a swimsuit, looking down but looking up, eyes bright. You saw me, sitting indian style swinging my belongings around. I dropped nothing, but you picked everything up.

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My Idea of Fun said...

walking on the same line i'm towing

yeah man really like that and can get into it