Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Comfort of Multiple Choices

1. What a disappointment it is to be one of the many...?
A. In love with the spectacle
B. At a loss for words on her birthday
C. Pretending not to care
D. Paying attention to the attractively dull

2. What a mess it is to be one of the few...?
A. Who knows and yet chooses not to believe the truth
B. Who is understanding enough to benefit from the doubt
C. Who decides to leave the scene early, so as to avoid latter day collapses of good judgement
D. Who falls hard for the one person that everybody else is obviously in love with

3. What a shame it is to be at the beginning...?
A. Of the ride and already nauseous
B. Stages of an expected heartbreak
C. Of a future headache, hangover, and disconnected phone call
D. Of another cold seasonal trend

4. What a time it is to be overly influenced...?
A. And electrically charged when she walks into the room
B. By the friends we both couldn't help but make part of our daily routines
C. Considering corporate ideals and underground souvenirs
D. Depending on what drugs are available

5. What a mind it is to be constantly thinking...?
A. About what is still left unsaid
B. Of what little there is left to say
C. That the words will make any kind of difference
D. When to remain quietly somber in the middle of a riot

6. What a heart it is to be forcibly beating...?
A. Itself up over a failure to act accordingly
B. All by its lonesome, in a room full of programmed alarms
C. Blood through thin and uninspired veins and vessels
D. In time with corruptible minds

7. What a chance it is to be falling...?
A. From grace with a grinning face
B. In love on the run
C. Like leaves underneath the trees
D. Apart from the start of the show

8. What a line it is to be walking...?
A. Away from the scene moments before an explosion
B. Dignified, by the act of fucking somebody over
C. Toward the smoke and crowded bedrooms
D. Humbled, by the time they all realize how late it really is

9. What a sign it is to be at the end...?
A. Accomplished, tired and surrounded by all those who spoke highly of your presence
B. Of your next enlarged leap towards indifference
C. And at the beginning, and behind on the act of catching up
D. With no one at your side

10. What a task it is to be the person saying...?
A. This matters regardless of what everyone's been saying
B. I'm sorry, I didn't bother to notice this, but now I can see that it's something
C. This is healthy, destructive and makes me stay awake later than usual, thinking...
D. I'm so disappointed to be one of these many, asking myself...

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Dutch said...

this was a little hard to read, but it was totally worth it.