Thursday, March 5, 2009

And what about all the things that were created just to impress someone at a world's fair?
flourescent lamps
the ferris wheel
the eiffel tower
a sky ride.

and how yes, i'm glad those things exist, whatever way they were made.

but but but, they were made with hurry and ego, so they ain't no good.

but when you're up in the sky, and you think life can actually get "Grand," and it' because the lights are shinin and you're movin fast on a big circle with others, and the wind and the view and the fear and everything new is there, so please just enjoy this, and please just try to enjoy yourself, because you're fucked, but there's gotta be some moments, some unabashed enjoyment, some freedom. don't stay so tucked up and out of sight, you'll get tired and not ever wanna move.

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