Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Passing Scene

- So what'd he say?
- I'm not sure I should tell you.
- You feel inhibitied to tell me something now, when we're this fucked-up?
- Maybe a little bit...
- Just dish already...
- So he said that you put that song on the mix because you want to fuck him.
- Then what'd you say?
- I said about how you put that song on a mix for me too.
- Then what'd he say?
- He didn't say anything. He just casually walked away and puked in the backyard.
- Well do you think it means anything?
- Maybe on some Freudian level.
- You think it's that bad, huh?
- I guess. I mean, I did mention how I only make mixes for people I wanna fuck.
- Well that's quite the statement.
- I suppose it is.
- So do you wanna get me another drink?
- Yeah, sure